Who are ICA Members?

The ICA believes that you shouldn't have to go through a formal coaching training program to gain the benefits of joining a coaching organization. Because of that reason, the ICA offers a membership level to benefit anyone entering the coaching industry.

Members of the ICA include, but are not limited to:

1) Coaches who have not gone through formal training

2) People interested in starting their own coaching business

3) Individuals who are currently using coaching services to make improvements in their personal and professional lives

4) People who are looking for a coach and want to learn more about the industry before making a decision

*Please note the ICA membership differs from becoming a certified member. To learn more about the benefits of each plan, please click here Membership vs Certification.

ICA Membership -$195.00 

Membership Vs Certification

You may be a member of the ICA without being an International Coaching Association Certified Coach. Membership differs from certification in that membership does not mean that the member has completed certification thru the ICA. Only by going through the certification process can the coach proclaim that they are a “Certified Coach and Member of the International Coaching Association”.

Benefits to Become an ICA Member

ICA Members in good standing are entitled to receive:

1) Access to business-building white papers

2) Access to our renowned marketing program “Rich Integration”

3) The legal right to display “Member of the International Coaching Association” plus the ICA logo on their business card and website as well as the right to display the appropriate designation following their name (if applicable) (CCE- Certified Coach – Executive; CCL Certified Coach - Life, etc.).

4) Approval to include International Coaching Association membership on any proposals they send out so that the organization requesting coaching services can feel confident that the coach under consideration adheres to the ethical principles required by membership in the International Coaching Association.

ICA Membership -$195.00 

Benefits to Become a Certified Coach

Many proposals from the public sector and corporations in the private sector require certification from a recognized certifying organization for bidding on contracts - especially for executive coaching. It is now common for Life Coaches to be asked for proof of certification before clients engage their services. The International Coaching Association (ICA) offers membership and certification to coaching professionals who are trained and or certified by other organizations or self-trained. Now, more than ever, specific industry-recognized credentials are critical for coaches to:

1) Establish trust

2) Provide proof of a certain level of competence in their profession

3) Assist in increasing income