ICA Philosophy

Coaches are engaged by clients for a variety of reasons. So, no matter what organization trained you, we welcome you to the ICA because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all coaching model. The most successful coaches in the world combine their experience and knowledge with what they have learned through formal and informal training. Through engagement with other members and our founders, you will grow in experience and enrich your coaching practice.


Coaching Methodology

ICA members provide a sounding board for their clients as they engage in philosophical dialogue. Most important, they provide models of excellence and knowledge for their coachees to follow so that they complete goals faster. When they bring the wealth of their experience to the table, they often perform services that are not purely in the traditional coaching realm. They provide insight, counsel, resources, and information.

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ICA Coaching Options

If you are a coach, trainer, or consultant sifting through the existing thousands of courses on the market to find the right one for you and/or your organization is often an overwhelming, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating undertaking. The International Coaching Association is here to help. We provide coaching certifications course and membership to our network of coaches. We can train you to become an executive coach, a life coach, or an expert in DISC Assessments (BehavioralĀ Coaching).



Get personalized one-on-one training with an expert coach. Our coaches do not just "talk at" our clients, we will engage in meaningful conversation and adjust our coaching technique to fit the individual's style and behavior preference.



Bring our trained coaching team in to speak with your team. We provide classes and courses designed around the key elements of leadership and employee development. We coach: Executive Teams, Management Teams, even down to entry-level teams.


on location

Bring the experts to you! Our coaches travel anywhere in the world to perform training sessions with individuals, groups, or both. Contact us today for availability and a quote.


web based

Our most cost-effective solution! Schedule an expert coach to perform a live webinar with an individual or a group for any of our classes or courses. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and the desire to learn.

*Please note our coaching programs are only available in English.