What Is ICA Certification?

Certification is formal recognition by the International Coaching Association that an individual has demonstrated a professional level of knowledge and competence in coaching methodologies and principles including: ethical practices, subject matter knowledge, recognized coaching standards, and working knowledge of the materials supplied by the International Coaching Association to promote best practices in the coaching industry. The International Coaching Association certification is a professional designation and encompasses assessment of coaching competence as well as peer recognition. International Coaching Association certification is not a registration or licensure.

Why Obtain ICA Certification?

Credibility. Customer Confidence. Consistent Training Practices.

If you want to take your coaching business or the delivery of a professional training course to the next level, it will require more than simply having the materials in hand to conduct a coaching session. Certification provides your clients with the understanding that you are certified and competent within the scope of the International Coaching Association’s materials and standards. It asserts to the fact that you have been tested regarding your knowledge of the materials provided by the ICA, as well as attesting to the fact that you have the competence to translate that knowledge, coaching methodology, and understanding to your audience in your coaching and workshop sessions. Certification recognizes your mastery and proficiency level as a coach. You can display your certification as well as the right to display the appropriate designation following your name (CCE- Certified Coach – Executive; CCL Certified Coach - Life, etc.) on marketing materials, business cards and on your web pages -- so that your level of proficiency receives the respect and attention it deserves. Certification also provides you the long-term resource of using the International Coaching Association personnel and members as a forum to answer your questions, help you with marketing ideas, and further enhance your knowledge of the latest developments in the coaching field.

What are the Benefits of Certification?

Here are just some of the benefits of certification. You'll have:

1) Proof of Mastery of topic area

2) Personalized attention and guidance from International Coaching Association members

3) Proficiency with delivery and understanding of the chosen topic

4) Access and receipt to new and current revisions and additions to training courses while a certified member in good standing

5) Improved personal and professional training and consulting resume through referencing the verbiage "Certified Coach and Member of the International Coaching Association"

What Is Included with ICA Coaching Certification?

1) Complete set of Course Materials

2) Access to the ICA library of resources materials

3) Certification test and Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the certification process) and the right to display the appropriate designation following your name (CCE- Certified Coach - Executive; CCL Certified Coach - Life, etc.)

How Do I Get Certified?

If you recognize the importance of certification and desire to take your business or the delivery of a professional training course to the next level, simply contact us at info@InternationalCoachingAssociation.com or phone 727-327-5666 Or, click on the Become Certified link to find out more information. After determining the available timeline, we will immediately send you the Certification Program for the appropriate coaching program or training topic. You will be able to get started with your learning process right away.

Why become certified as an Executive Coach?

In today's corporate world it is becoming increasingly necessary to be certified & to be aligned with a reputable certification program in order to differentiate yourself and grow your Executive Coaching Practice. If you are an Executive Coach without Certification, you could be unnecessarily hurting your business practice & credibility as an Executive Coach. When potential corporate clients see that you have been certified & trained by the International Coaching Association and its partners, your chances of being awarded the contract will be much greater, especially if you are competing for a coaching contract with others who have certification. Even though you may be more experienced or competent, or even a better fit for the organization, certification might just be the deciding factor in who will be awarded the contract.

Having the International Coaching Association's Executive Coach Certification (CCE) posted on your resume, website, & business card shows that you have the background and knowledge to provide Executive Coaching services and to deliver Executive Coaching programs. International Coaching Association Executive Coach Certification will also increase your chances for promotion opportunities in the corporate environment.

Many corporations will only bring on highly trained Certified Executive Coaches to coach their teams. Executive Coaches are hired only after verification of the Executive Coach's level of certification/training is reviewed. Confirmation of Executive Coaching experience is needed and the International Coaching Association's Executive Coach Certification Process provides this validation of experience, competence, & knowledge. ICA Certified Executive Coaches often have higher success rates in gaining internal referrals from existing clients than their uncertified peers. They also tend to make more money.

"…many executive coaches…sell themselves as purveyors of simple answers and quick results...The idea that an executive coach can help employees improve performance quickly is a great selling point to CEOs, who put the bottom line first. Yet that approach tends to gloss over any unconscious conflict the employee might have. This can have disastrous consequences for the company long term and can exacerbate the psychological damage to the person targeted for help...Unless these Executive coaches have been trained in the dynamics of the discipline of coaching and consulting, in diverse subjects areas such as communication, business practices and models of excellence, interpersonal relations, however, they may abuse their power often without meaning to... To best help their executives, companies need to draw on the expertise of...executive coaches with legitimate skills."
-Harvard Business School Journal. July 2003

The ICA Executive Coach Certification Process offers ongoing development opportunities as an Executive Coach. Contact us to begin the Executive Coach Certification Process today and establishing your track record as a Certified Executive Coach.